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Manufactured in The U.S. Since 1974

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Since 1974 Solar Development Inc. has been manufacturing the finest quality solar heating systems made in the U.S.A. As a United States's premier manufacturer, we have over 25 collectors and systems rated at FSEC and SRCC, with some of the highest ratings of any Flat Plate Collector manufactured in the U.S. These are just a few reasons we are the best.

Our Sunstar and Pacemaker systems are time-proven water heating systems with impressive performance ratings. They are an excellent choice for the home and small business. If you are interested in a quality, dependable glass-glazed solar system, try a Solar Development Inc. system.

Throughout our history, Solar Development has consistently moved the performance and cost effectiveness of solar applications forward. We have received numerous patents and several honors and awards from DOE, NREL, and the state of Florida. We look forward to providing you with the best performing and most durable systems available on the market today.

Performance Solar Thermal System Manufacturer for over 30 years.

  • Solar Collectors
    - Welded absorber
    - Glass-glazed
    - Selective Surface
    - Low Iron Glass
    - SD7 & SD8 Models

  • DHW Systems
    - Direct, Open-loop design
    - Closed-loop glycol design
    - NOW System
    - Pacemaker
    - Pacemaker II
    - Spirit 6 System
    - Sunraker System
    - Sunstar System

Options for dc pump / pv panel or differential control features.





Manufacturing the finest quality
solar heating systems since 1974!